RezExpert Hotel Reservation and Property Management System Ticketing


Ticketing has many guises and is complex in the many varied forms it can be utilized. The RezExpert ticketing module is highly customizable and covers most if not all eventualities.

One-Day Event Ticketing

Commonly used for events, walks, museum trips or concerts etc. Day tickets may or may not have a limit to how many can be sold within a day. RezExpert makes it easy to setup and track these ticket types and provides comprehensive reporting to track all ticket sales and has an easy to use Online Booking interface.

Multi-Day Event Ticketing

RezExpert incorporates an easy to navigate powerful interface to configure a wide variety of multi-day events and tickets. Setting the time period, the ticket is available for complex rate setups to include multi-person family deals, all tracked and the data is readily available through the interactive reporting panel.

Day Pass / Day Use 

Passes are typically available every day or most days at a resort or park and businesses often sell family deal and/or multiday passes all with slightly different configurations. Each scenario can be setup in RezExpert via an extensive ticketing module interface.

Seasonal Passes 

Season passes can take on many varied attributes with fixed or flexible dates and rates. RezExpert caters for all of these scenarios and can even limit the actual days of the week these passes can be purchased for.

Barcode & QR Code Tracking 
Bar code and QR Code printing and tracking on tickets is a necessary feature to prevent one ticket being used multiple times resulting in loss of revenue. RezExpert assigns a unique bar code and a unique QR code to every ticket. When that ticket is used it is tracked in the system down to the date and time it was used. If someone tries to use a single use ticket again a warning is triggered and the ticket is not allowed to be used.

Printing Tickets 

RezExpert allows managers to build customized tickets which can be printed or emailed when purchased. Customizable ticket purchase confirmations can also be configured so that messages are tailored exactly to the resorts’ needs.

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